books-of-common-prayerThe Book of Common Prayer (BCP)

The book used by the Episcopal church for worship. The Psalms and the Catechism of the Episcopal Church are included.

1982 Hymnalhymnal and BCP

The Hymn book used in most Episcopal Chruch Link for texts and hear the tunes of most of the hymns in the hymnal.


These are readings from the Bible used in the Episcopal Church. Find the lessons for Sundays and for special saints days. At Saint James, during Pentecost, we use Track Two.

Liturgical Terms

Churches have names of areas in the building, sections of the worship service and other terms you might not know. Follow this link to learn more and feel at home when you visit.

HolDSC_0082y Bible

Biblical Pronunciation Guide

Click here for audio files of the correct pronunciations of biblical words. Service music and more hymns

The Church on the Web Streaming Audio

This work is an offering from the Rev. Chip Lee, an Episcopal priest in Garrett County Maryland.