A Wedding is a covenantal relationship – an enduring promise to each other, to God, and to our community of faith. Couples come to St. James to seek God’s blessing and hopefully to become members of our community. We want to be there for you throughout your marriage, not just present with you on a single beautiful day. Our clergy try to meet the pastoral needs of the couple in regards to faith traditions.

We require several sessions with a priest to help prepare for marriage with time for reflection and discussion between meetings. These sessions foster learning, as couples get to know themselves, each other, and their faith. We also want couples to understand the words and concepts in the marriage liturgy and how they connect in a life of faith.

We expect couples who live in the area to attend church on Sundays and worship with our community during this time of preparation. We want to get to know you and have you know us.

Please call the Parish Office (410-771-4466) to discuss your proposed wedding date and also ownload the Declaration of Intent and the Information Form.