Welcome to the virtual St. James Fine Art Show – extended to November 13th


The work of each artist is shown below and includes a collage image of all of their works in this show, a photo of each artist, a brief biography and links to their websites and/or Facebook pages.


We will have live interviews on Zoom with several artists on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:00pm.  Registration is a two-step process, so don’t delay!


Interview with Beth de Loiselle on Thursday, October 29th Register

Interview with Hans Guerin pending


You will be able to purchase works of art by emailing Debbie Holt at debsvt77@aol.com. We accept checks and credit cards.  As in past years, the artists and St. James share the proceeds from the show and St. James designates a charity to receive some of its proceeds.

We hope you enjoy our show!