Search Committee Chairs review the last of the questionnaires. 5/21/2017

Kathy Durkee, Co-Chair Annual Meeting 4/30/2017

Bob Hanley, Co-Chair, Annual Meeting, 4/30/2017

Search Committee

Bob Hanley Kathy Durkee, Co-Chairs

Lisa Davis, Asst. Head, Academy

Sandra Kull, Registrar

Don Greenawalt, Jr. Warden

Jamie Shaull, Parishioner

Phyllis Shuppert, Parishioner

Elizabeth Tracey, Parishioner

Writing Committee

Don Greenawalt and Elizabeth Tracey


Congregational Survey Questions

Search Committee Co-Chairs Announced 3/30/2017

The St. James Vestry is pleased to announce that Mrs. Kathy Durkee and Mr. Bob Hanley have agreed to co-chair of our Rector Search Committee.

Bob and Kathy will immediately begin forming this committee.

Biographical comments from Bob, “I have been a member of St. James for 25 years. Both of our children attended the Academy. I have served on the vestry twice. I am a licensed Lay Eucharistic Visitor. Currently I coordinate the 8 o’clock service. I practice law in Towson and live in Parkton.”

Kathy said, “Frank and I have been members of St James for 45 years. Our three children attended Sunday School and totaled 10 years as students of St James Academy. I did teach Sunday School, ages ago, and have been on a coffee hour committee and read lessons at the 10:15 service. St James continues to be a part of our lives and I welcome the opportunity to assist in choosing a new minister for our wonderful congregation.

The Vestry is also pleased to announce that it has hired The Rev. Mary Sulerud as a consultant for the Search Process, who comes highly recommended by the Diocese. Rev. Sulerud has previously served as Canon for Deployment and Vocational Ministries in the Diocese of Washington and is currently Interim Rector at Emmanuel Church, Baltimore.

The next step in the process is a survey of the congregation about the hopes and aspiration of our parish for the next 5 years. The Parish Profile, read by clergy interested in applying for the Rector position, is based on the results of the survey. Please respond to the survey when it is made available to you

The search process is on schedule. Please continue to pray for our parish and especially for the work of the Search Committee.