Readers/Lectors: Adults and youth who read the lessons for the day during the Ministry of the Word. The introductory information for the Sunday lessons, and the lessons are found at Preparing the Lectionary. St. James uses Track Two during the Season of Pentecost. Lectionary

Prayer Leaders: Adults and youth who lead the Prayers of the People found in the Book of Common Prayer, pages 383 – 393. chalice

Chalice bearers: Those who administer the wine at communion. The Diocese requires that each person be licensed which verifies that a member of the clergy has trained the individual in this sacramental duty.

socmediacandleThose interested should speak with either Rev. Carol+ or Father Matt.

Ushers: greet people at the door, take up the offering, bring forth the gifts of bread and wine, collect bulletins at the end of the service. We occasionally assist at large funerals, depending on individuals’ schedules.

If you attend the 8:00 service please contact Bob Hanley moc.f1519111474fohmu1519111474lpnal1519111474on@ye1519111474lnahr1519111474

If you attend the 10:15 service, please contact Jim Heidelbach moc.c1519111474am@111519111474112Hm1519111474iJ1519111474

Acolytes: An acolyte is “one who serves at the altar”, men and women, boys and girls of all ages. We are always looking for cheerful people to join us! Contact Erik Moran