Pastoral Care, has, of course, changed due to the pandemic. Limited home visits are being made by our clergy.


Our clergy and staff make regular phone calls to parishioners who are in need of prayer or conversation, our Sunday prayer list is updated weekly and our Vestry also stays in touch with parishioners.


Our Zoom worship services, especially Noonday Prayer and Compline give parishioners an opportunity to see each others faces and to have conversations. The altar flowers continue to be arranged as memorials or celebrations and we have safe home delivery.

Parish News for Homebound Parishioners

A copy of the Bell Tower Notes is mailed regularly to homebound or ill parishioners to help them stay connected to the community.

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain is a group of dedicated parishioners who honor confidential requests for prayers from/for individuals and families. The information is held in the strictest confidence.

Would you like Communion, Prayer, Friendly Visitor?

Call the Parish Office Monday – Friday 8:30 to 4:30. 410-771-4466.

Home Communion

The Rev. Dr. Tom Culbertson is our Parish Visitor. He assists Pastor Joe+ in visiting those who are ill or long-term home bound for communion and spiritual conversation. Home visits are listed during the pandemic but phone calls and notes keep us in touch with parishioners.

A Gift of Flowers

The Sunday altar flower delivery has been resumed and is done safely and socially distant.

Tract Rack

St. James has literature resources called a tract rack filled with informative booklets about the Episcopal church, prayer, personal issues such as alcoholism, divorce, etc.  It ishe front porch of the church. The brochures, including Forward Day by Day are free and we welcome suggestions for additional topics.

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