We said good-bye to Rev. Carol on November 12th. On November 19th we will welcome the Rev. Dr. Tom Culbertson as Interim Rector.







Notes from Rev. Carol+

Saying Good-Bye and Next Steps

The ten months of my interim ministry has been a wonderful gift to me. There are more than I can count so here I will name only a few. First,   I have greatly enjoyed getting to know so many of the dedicated, fun, and friendly members here. Next, preaching to those who really listen is every clergy person’s dream, and, Saint James shows me again and again by your comments that you are really listening. Then, ministering with Matt+, Michael, Herb, Susan and KarenAnn has been the best combination of all my roles as colleague, rector, boss, pastor, and administrator. And then, there are the weekly chapels and the relationships with Saint James Academy that help me see the present becoming the future through the lives of our students. Finally, the vestry of Saint James has embraced and pondered all the times I have said, “Well, there is more than one way to slice a loaf of bread. Have you considered…” From every aspect my service as your interim rector has been a joy.

As I begin to conclude my time, I wish there was more time to get to know more members of the Monkton community, more ways to introduce programs to try, more time to work with Interim Head Maureen Walsh and the Board of Trustees, and more questions I could ask to open up more possibilities. What I believe what we have accomplished together is momentum towards healing, recaptured joy, and, brought the strengths of the parish into the light.

I am particularly grateful that so many members of Saint James understand my decisions to step back into retirement so that among other things I can spend Christmas with my husband’s Jeff extended family.   Part of Christian commitment is to nurture, cherish, and honor the close relationships God give us. While leaving before the next rector is called it not what I expected, I am grateful for what we have shared together. And, while I may not be leading worship, I will always be Saint James friend.


Notes from the Interim Back to School

Sabbath Time

Meaningful Conversations

Five Tasks of Interim Ministry

Children Receiving Communion

Season of Interim Ministry