St. James is a welcoming community with a focus on worship, fellowship, and outreach.

Situated in the northern part of Baltimore county in an area known as “My Lady’s Manor”, is our beloved St. James Church and its attendant Academy. It is a largely rural community that has retained its flavor due in no small part to the efforts of the conservation trusts that operate solely for that purpose. However, we have been subject to the ravages of societal changes that have affected so many church communities. Ours is one whose membership has decreased over the last ten years, leaving us with a core group of loyal souls who are determined to revive our parish and counter the trends that have affected us.

We are fortunate to have on our campus a vibrant and thriving church-affliated school with 270 students in grades K through 8. The Academy has been in existence since 1957 and has grown through the years from serving the close geographical area to attracting students from surrounding counties.

We, as a parish community, consider the school as one of our primary missions whose purpose is to educate children in a Christian atmosphere. Active and busy parishioners are involved in many ministries that provide services not only to the surrounding area but to the citizens of inner city Baltimore.

Our website will guide you through the many facets of our activities and will also show you a tour of the beautiful 70 acre campus of church, rectory and school.

As of January 21, 2018, the Search Committee has completed its work and referred two names to the Vestry. See Search Committee page for more information.

We are seeking a new full-time Rector:

  • A pastor who appreciates how our history shapes Saints James today and who can develop our ministry for the future
  • A priest who will engage in ministry with Saint James Parish, Saint James Academy, our surrounding community, and beyond
  • An inspiring preacher
  • An experienced administrator and delagat

Due to the confidential nature of the search process, we ask that all questions about the position or search process be directed to Canon Wright, and that members of the congregation or Search Committee not be contacted directly about candidates.  Our Search Committee members are required to hold confidential the identifying information of interested candidates. We ask that candidates also keep their interest in this position confidential and limited to the search process we follow. *protected email* (800-443-1399)


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