“AND ONE MORE” is an invitation from the Stewardship Committee to do ONE MORE THING at/for St. James beyond what you regularly do. #StewardshipAndOneMore #stjamesmonkton



  • Attend one more service (go to a service at a different time)
  • Say one more prayer (take the prayer list home)
  • Host a summer Coffee Hour (invite someone else to help)
  • Worship with a friend (or bring a friend to St. James)
  • Visit a different denomination (in the neighborhood or on vacation)

Post what you do on the Stewardship Bulletin Board – build our community!

Moving Day” Sunday

An invitation from the Stewardship Committee to make new friends and strengthen our relationships in the parish.#MovingDaySunday #stjamesmonkton

At the Peace on the 3rd Sunday of the month, step out of your pew, exchange the Peace across the aisle, sit with that new person for the rest of the service. Maybe walk to Coffee Hour with that person too!

#stjamesmonkton #stjamescommunity