Lay Eucharist Ministers and Visitors

Lay Eucharistic ministers bring Communion to those who are unable to be a part of the in church community on a Sunday.

Casseroles on Call

Casseroles on Call provides a meal (s) to individuals, couples or families for a period of time during time of crisis or bereavement.  Arrangements are made in advance between the assigned cook and the recipient family with regard to food preferences and delivery time.

Our Bread

Through our Bread ministry we offer a loaf of freshly baked bread to those who are new to the parish, or visiting on a Sunday.

Flower Ministry

Altar flowers become a donation of beauty and cheer for others in the parish.Community head Joan Warnsmann and her team members make  deliveries of the flowers after the Su

Flower Ministers take the Sunday altar flowers to parishioners and neighbors who are ill, shut-in, or have other needs.

nday services. They also take a copy of the Sunday bulletin.

Bulletins to Homebound Parishioners

A copy of the Sunday bulletin is mailed at the beginning of the week mailed to homebound or ill parishioners to help them continue being connected to the community.

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain is a group of dedicated parishioners who honor requests for prayers from and for individuals and families. The information is held in the strictest confidence. To volunteer or to make a prayer request please call the parish office at 410-771-4466.

Tract Racks

St. James has two literature resources called tract racks filled with informative booklets about the Episcopal Church. One rack is located on the steps leading to the parish office, the other in the narthex of the church. The tracts are free and we welcome suggestions for additional topics.

To participate or to suggest someone who might benefit from Pastoral Care, speak to Rev.Carol or Father Matt, email Alex Secor, or call the Parish Office, 410-771-4466.