Walk across the driveway after the 10:15 service for coffee and delicious treats in the parish hall.  You can mix and mingle or sit quietly at a table and observe.

A few times a year you can choose to participate in an activity connected to a holiday or parish ministry.

Children are always welcome!

If you’ve been attending St. James for a while and are interested in being part of a team, please contact Izzy Shenton.


Jenny Pitts – Lyndy Eddy, Gwen Burkhardt, Dorian Borsellla, Adrienne and Wes Minyard


Meredith Leroy – Sally Pearce, Sandra Kull, Joan Warnsmann, Cindy Tillman, Margaret Moncure, Shirley Ferris, Alan Leroy


Izzy Shenton – Nancy & Nancy Dewlin, Karen & Jim Heidelbach, Lisa & Arianna Bailey


Elaine Smith – Katherine Welk, Norma Davidson, Betsy Moran, Phyllis & George Shuppert, Sally Pearce, George Clarke & Franca Barton, Liz Cole


Debbie Kissinger – Sally Buck, Kathy Durkee, Betsy Ensor, Linda & Don Greenawalt, Marta Riemer, Bill Kissinger


Mark Lynne – Joyce Strueber, Bob Betkey, Pat Newman, Gina Howard


Marilyn Weitzenkorn – Pat Mott, Sandy Patterson, Barbara Roberts, Debbie Holt, Glenn and Cynthia McCalley