Every Wednesday Pastor Joe+ will post a video especially for your pre-K to 5th grade students. We hope you’ll tune in with them.


Children’s Chapel – September 22, 2021 – Sacred Spaces – A fascinating outdoor tour of the church. Facebook 




Children’s Chapel May 5th – Easter symbols in church, gratitude.


Children’s Chapel February 10th – Epiphany, No Alleluias in Lent, More about our stained glass windows.

The angel window and a coloring book.

Children’s Chapel February 3rd

Symbols of Epiphany in the Church Children’s Chapel January 13th

Epiphany and a review of Jesus’ life through our stained glass windows.  Children’s Chapel

Advent Wreath and the window of Jesus praying. December 2nd Children’s Chapel

Knocking on the Door – window in the Narthex (front porch of church) November 11th Children’s Chapel

Continuing the story of Jesus’ life. November 4th Children’s Chapel

Jesus as a little boy – the window behind the altar. October 28th Children’s Chapel

Presentation of Jesus in the Temple – stained glass window at St.James. October 21st  Children’s Chapel

What Did Jesus Look Like? October 14th Children’s Chapel


Children’s Chapel week of October 7th Children’s Chapel

Pastor Joe+  told the story of St. Francis of Assisi, celebrated on October 4th.  Children’s Chapel