What’s on the Rector’s Mind – Nov 23rd

NO Blessing of the Hounds, Thanksgiving Day virtual worship – check out the communion cups for drive-through communion., Advent wreath kits, Hereford Food Bank, history of the blessing of the hounds. View on Facebook

Thanksgiving Day at St. James

The 69th Blessing of the Hounds with the Elkridge Harford Hunt.

Pastor Joe’s homily: Thanksgiving Day 2018 Sermon


THANKSGIVING EUCHARIST: The  Altar Guild, director Barbara Roberts, and all those who donated fruits and vegetables for the decorations. Music Director Michael Morgan and the organist, trumpeter, choir. Our liturgy participants: readers, chalicists, acolytes and flag bearers, ushers.

Blessing Event Organizer – Rob Shaull; Event Organizer Emeritus – Bonnie Demyan

Set Up – Ed Tillman, Frank Durkee, Don Greenawalt

Lunch House – Nancy & Tom Dewlin, Glenn McCalley, Karen Heidelbach and her dad – also wrapping paper sales

Parking & Donations Collectors – Debbie Kissinger, Sandra Kull & Maddie Bulgin, Sally & Bayly Buck, Ed Tillman, Rich Warnsmann, George Clarke, George Shuppert, Bill Kramer, Alan Leroy, George Miller, Liz & Michael Smith,Emerson & Pepper Smith – Our best donation collectors extraordinaire

Photographers – Nancy Dewlin – on the field; Phyllis Shuppert – church

Sound System – Bill Miinor, Rick Hyman

Museum Window – Sandy Patterson

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