Our Mission is to become a thriving community of faith;

loving God and our neighbors.



Saint James is a place where one can engage with the wisdom of the ages found in scripture, two thousand years of Christian practice, and the strength of a faithful local community.

We have worshiped here since 1750. Saint James has deep roots and new shoots continue to burst forth.  We value people who have been here for generations and we welcome new members. We have the expectation that every person who comes here has gifts that can build up the body.

DSCN5704Faithful Christian living requires a balance of prayer, study, stewardship and action. Worship forms and prepares us for life.

The ways we view, and use, our time, talent and treasure form us as surely as the prayers we say or the things we do in worship. Stewardship is the concrete expression of our priorities in life – our calendars and our checkbooks display what we actually value most. We want to be intentional about stewardship because the way we use our resources is a statement of our faith.

Prayer, study, stewardship and action are the means of Christian formation at Saint James. We gather here to help one another find, and be found by, the God who loves us. You are looking at this site because something has drawn you here. Come and be with us. Then let’s discover, together, that to which God is calling us.

The Rev. Charlie Barton+, Rector