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  • Vestry Slate – Class of 2018

    Slate to be affirmed at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 26th – Bayly Buck, Jack Demyan, Meredith Leroy, Wes Minyard. Photos and biographical statements follow: Hello, I am Bayly Buck. As a life long Episcopalian I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t a member of the Diocese of

  • magnolia

    May Newsletter

    Includes Vestry slate to be affirmed at Annual Meeting, April 26th MayWebNewsletter2015

  • elizabeth-joseph

    Parishioner in Hopkins Dancing with the Stars

    Elizabeth Tracey participates in ‘Hopkins Dancing With the Stars,’ event on April 28th. The event is free and open to all. “My partner Joe and I are dancing to support First Fruits Farm, a local farming group that contributed over a million pounds of fresh produce to local and regional

  • BillTurnerandhorse001

    Come Ride with Us

    Take a Trail Ride Back in Time: Sunday, May 17th from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Take a trail ride back in time to when your horse would have been your primary means of transportation to church. Follow the early 1900’s trail from farmhouse to St. James. Rogation is the

  • easterwreath

    Easter Sunday Sermon – The Rev. Charlie Barton+, Rector

    Black Boxes, Empty Tombs and Goo In an article she wrote for religion on-line Barbara Brown Taylor states that, “The resurrection is the one and only event in Jesus’ life that was entirely between him and God. There were no witnesses whatsoever. No one on earth can say what happened